Monday, 9 May 2011


Hai DOMO ! Hari nie aku dapat DOMO,  Iman yang bagi dkt aku suruh letak dkt handset aku , heheh so sweet meyh . Thnks for the give me Domo * mulut tak boleh tutup ke mentang nie ? adoih2  I LOVE YOU MORE BABY . 


Awwww , So sweet COUPLE ! I need to take picture like this . Hmmmm  

Sunday, 8 May 2011

I know you hate me . Im so sorry :'(

Hmmmm , aku skrang dah tak penting dah bg dia . mby dia dah bosan dgn aku n tak nak tgk muka aku dah . yelaa , aku kan tak HOT mna la nak tgk muka aku dah . Lain la laki2 dkt Queensbay sana nuh . Barang aku pon buang mcm tuh ja , aku tahu la barang yg aku bagi semua tuh murah n tak bermakna bagi dia . Aku bg takat yg aku mampu ja , aku bukan anak orang kaya nak bg kemewahan untuk dia . Kalau aku kaya pon tak mungkin aku nak bg barang yang mahal2 sangat . Pasal barang mahal2 pon tak mungkin akan kekal lama , nanti kena buang jugak . kan kan kan ? pasal aku test dia tuh ? hmm aku saja ja nak try tgk macam mna reaksi dia , aku yg plan dgn kawan aku . skrang nie aku rasa dia tak mcm dulu , msg aku pon mcm tak msg ja ! msg ? WTF la msg . huh ! aku n kawan aku pon tade niat jahat nak buat mcm tuh dkt dia . kawan aku pon penah try buat  mcm aku buat dkt dia . tapi entah laa . ! aku rasa aku mcm tak penting ja bagi dia , tapi mmg dah tak penting pon . kalau penting tak jadi la mcm nie . My life so suck ! I hate MYSELF !

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Yeahh ! I know you want to leave me , thank a lot ! I know you hate me , not loving me and I want you know I love you damn much . But I'm  so sad you said you want to leave me . okay I understand ! hmmm okay now if you want to find new boyfriend you go away , don't see me  again . I hope you happy with your family , friends and the new person you love . I can't wait for PLKN  ! Sorry . Im not perfect like you ;D

Im still loving you , by HAFIZAL BASHARUDDIN

Sunday, 1 May 2011

My life is BORING

Today was just another day
And as usual nothing ever goes my way
There is nothing to do around the house
So I have no choice but to pout
Why does my life have to be so boring?
I mean could it get anymore annoying?
Lord please give me a sign or something
Anything is better than nothing
I want to get away from this place
Because I never seem to benefit anyway
Boredom really suffocates me
I need something entertaining
To keep people from calling me a lame
But then again I don't care what anybody else thinks
Because they act like their own crap doesn't stink
But in reality they got nothing
Most of them are always bluffing
Because they are broke
And I take them as a joke
But only because they have nothing to show
Or they could be hiding something that they don't want people to know
But I am just wasting my breath talking about that
Because I knew from day one
That they were just a bunch of fags
If they don't want to hang around me
Then good I am glad
Because I don't associate myself
With people that are bad
Anyways my boredom situation is critical
I need something to make me happy
To prevent me from feeling crappy
But for now I will find something better to do
Than waste time with an idiot like you
Im sorry if  I handed you , I will not see you again and I want you happy with your fmly , friend and someone you love . So hard to smile because Im not happy today and sorry if I not smile to you and make you angry with me . But Im still LOVING YOU BABY . *Im sick .