Saturday, 23 April 2011

♥ i miss everything about you ♥

i miss the times when i used to call you mine,
i miss your gentle and soft hands,
holding hands while walking.
i remember when we used to dance,
i can see everyone including you is smiling.

i miss it when you look into my eyes,
i feel that you won't leave me and there will be no goodbyes.
i need you to look at me like that again,
i want to feel secured in your arms again.

i miss hearing you sing,
dedicating those sweet songs to me.
i want to hear it while i'm dreaming,
coz' it's you that i wanted to see.

i miss your laugh with my nonsense jokes,
that sometimes makes you choke.
when again will i see you smile?
even just for a little while.

i miss our childish little fights,
contending about silly things.
i'm trying to forget those days with all my might,

i miss the "us" who used to spend a lot of time.
sometimes i wonder if you miss me too,
coz' i just miss everything about you.

 Hafizal ♥  Iman

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